What to Look for Before Scheduling Appointment with LASIK Surgery Clinic

LASIK eye surgery and its variants have now become the best way to overcome various types of vision problems named as hypermetropia, myopia and others. Here, doctors use laser beams to create flaps and remove the corneal tissue to correct the vision as per the vision problem.

In fact, the method is different from other traditional optical surgical methods because of the fact that the LASIK treatment does not involve the use of surgical blade or other such equipment to perform the process. In addition, with the help of LASIK eye surgery, patients can recover their problems even in one day.

However, individuals can get good results with the help of LASEK or LASIK procedure only if they choose to undergo the surgical procedure and treatment under the supervision of good eye surgeons and related medical staffs.

Considerable Factors for Selection

Some of the major factors to consider will include:

  • License of LASIK Surgeons

Good surgeons always obtain license from authentic state license boards, as such, license would validate credentials of surgeon. In addition, you could also check credentials of a surgeon with the help of National Practitioner Data Bank.

  • Look Over Varying Media Sources

Good refractive surgical centers always advertise about their positive points with the help of varying media sources, like television, radio and internet. Thus, it is the responsibility of every patient and his or her family member to collect information about the clinic and its senior surgeons before scheduling your appointment with the LASIK surgeon.

  • Ask for Testimonials or Referrals

Once you get information about LASIK surgeons and knowledgeable doctors associated with corneal treatment, you have to ask for testimonials and referrals to select the best clinic in your area.

Specialties of Doctors Working Under Manhattan LASIK Center

Until now, many people located in different parts of United States, especially nearby the Manhattan City have obtained various positive results by choosing for the LASIK procedure performed under the supervision as well as observation of Dr. Niksarli and other experienced surgeons.

Furthermore, professionals working under the Manhattan clinic have some special features, which would likely convince patients and their family members to choose for the LASIK surgery under this New York-based eye hospital. These are

  • Surgeons Panel of the Center

If you give your valuable time to look over the official website of this Manhattan eye clinic, you would likely come to know that here the panel comprises of surgeons obtained good training and experience to treat problems of Cornea, Laser Vision Correction and LASIK procedure, along with its variants. In addition, you will find surgeons and doctors possessing good knowledge as well as vast experience in dealing with the refractive surgery. If this is not enough, every surgeon and eye doctor or optician possesses qualification higher than that possessed by average doctors providing LASIK or LASEK treatment.

  • Leaders in US Cities

Based on the good experience and successful LASIK operations of various patients, Dr. Niksarli, Dr. Adonya Blair and his fellow surgeons have now become the leaders in LASIK treatment in different cities and suburbs of United States, especially in the cities of New Jersey and New York.

  • Application of Advanced Technologies

Individuals surfing the internet to collect information about LASIK surgery clinics in New York, New Jersey and any other cities of United States will be knowing definitely that the Manhattan LASIK Center is the only place, where professionals use advanced technologies to perform Custom LASIK, LASEK and the basic LASIK procedure. These advanced technologies and systems are Nidek, IntraLase and Visx Star S4 CustomVue and various others.

  • Award Winning Professionals

Another interesting and strong point about the LASIK Center is that it has an award-winning medical director, along with large numbers of surgical professionals possessing vast experience in corneal or laser surgery since last many years.

  • Assure Trustworthy Solutions

If you look over the reviews about this reputable New York LASIK clinic, you would certainly come to know that the Manhattan LASIK Center has obtained high level of trust not only in between various patients of laser eye surgery but also among other doctors or physicians and surgeons. Since, doctors perform the entire process with the help of advanced technology-based systems; you will expect to avail trustworthy solutions from the entire surgical procedure.

  • Expertise in Handing Thousands of Procedures

Whether you look over the profile of Dr. Llambiri, Dr. Blair or Dr. Niksarli, you would certainly come to know that all of these eye surgeons have succeeded in handing about thousands of different procedures, like LASIK, LASEK and Custom LASIK. Especially, the dean of this eye hospital named Dr. Niksarli has expertise to handle more than 70,000 different types of laser procedures of countrywide patients.

Few specialties of Dr. Niksarli

Dr. Niksarli has gained his name or recognition as the highly experienced LASIK authorities. He is currently serving his duties as the medical director of an American laser surgery hospital named as Manhattan LASIK Center. Before 15 years, he has established this eye clinic to give safest possible laser treatment to countrywide patients. Since then, his dedication, expertise and knowledge has made the hospital as the leading eye care facility of the place. During the entire course of his optical career, Dr, Niksarli has strived to find latest advancement in the laser surgery as well as vision correction. His rich background in varying educational fields, like engineering, medicine and computer science or technology has helped him a lot to become highly proficient in case of surgical lasers and vision correction techniques. His colleagues and fellows usually sought out the surgical management and expert opinion of Dr. Niksarli in different ways. Because of his extra-ordinary skills, impressive credential and excellent care of patients, he has obtained his name as the Top Ophthalmologist of United States.

Therefore, based on the level of expertise and experience of Dr. Niksarli, it can be concluded that the eye surgeons of the Manhattan Clinic will give you positive results and correct your vision forever.


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Manhattan Lasik Center- ‘A gateway to 20/20 Vision’

With excessive usage of internet and computers, eye problems have increased tremendously. There are multiple choices, but vision is the most critical and delicate need thus one should wisely choose among the existing eye care centers. Eye being the most vital organ of the body can’t be risked for small amount of money. It’s always safer and better to find the most qualitative option at nominal price. If you agree to this then Manhattan Lasik Center is just meant for you.


The Manhattan Lasik Center furnishes the patients with additional psyche and helps them in settling on right choices in regards to their eyes visual fluctuation. Every individual who comes here with their questions about their eye feels comfortable, as they know they will be soon cured. The staff is guided about the minute details about the surgery. All are guided and trained as how LASIK will be carried out, the pros and cons related The Dos and Don’ts. Once you choose Manhattan Lasik center forget all your worries and get yourself treated with the most prominent team.


LASIK at Manhattan Centre is not a costly affair at all. They additionally make their patients accept that they will get 20/ 20 vision and still better, and afterward they remain convinced and certain as this dedication is visible in Staff  They give their customers confidence keeping up the most astounding gauges with the assistance of the most recent methods. The staff is profoundly eager and gifted; they investigate the little subtle elements connected with the Lasik process which comprise of institutionalizing and protection of the gears. They inspect the retina with some of their most recent machine supported scanners and the accurate mapping of each individual’s eye is caught. Patients are additionally offered drops to their eye as they help the understudies for enlarging so that the once again of the eye is effortlessly unmistakable and could be effectively analyzed. After this process the Lasik eye mind experts clarify to the patients the aftereffect of the exhaustive tests that were held.


This is the ideal opportunity for making further strides for getting unhindered and regular vision. You can further cross check the amenities with the patients who are immensely satisfied after visiting Manhattan LASIK center. You may contact the Manhattan’s Staff online or you can even call Manhattan Lasik eye center to get proper the most comprehensive and unmatched treatment about the medicines furthermore get sure about getting a 20/20 vision or much better.


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Lasik eye care center Manhattan, the center of excellence

Manhattan Lasik center is known to be the state of art laser vision correction center’s headquartered at 110 east 55th street (between Lexington and Park Avenue), at the heart of Manhattan. The center has the experience of thousands of successful procedures of Lasik. Over the last 15 years, the center has attained the status of a “center of excellence for Lasik.”


The MD (medical director) Dr. Niksarli’s skill in Lasik and his extensive experience, careful attention to particulars, laser equipments and modern technologies, cautious screening of patients, humid and temperature control laser rooms helps in generating outstanding results of Lasik over the past decade and a half.


For those who are astigmatic, farsighted and nearsighted, is performed with the finest and most advanced surgical lasers and equipments. This also includes modern technology that keeps the eye ball completely still and the eyelids wide open during the laser procedure, thus increasing its precision and accuracy.


In the Lasik eye care center Manhattan, the surgeons personally examine the patients on the same day of consultation, discussing with them regarding the expectations of patients following the Lasik process and very importantly, determining whether they are the ideal candidates for the process or not. The surgeons perform each and every procedure personally and also guide the staff for further care that is necessary for the patient. The staff is fully trained regarding their work, and therefore they provide great care to their patients and comprehensive eye evaluation.


New York Lasik eye care center is said to be one of the best centers for laser operations or Lasik treatments. And also has a highly skilled and knowledgeable staff. They work according to their patients problems and work towards their well being.


Affordable prices:


The price of the ultimate skills and experience is matchless. Their ultimate aim is to make the Lasik procedure affordable for everyone and help out every patient whether rich or poor, enjoy their life with crystal clear vision. An experienced doctor’s team performs all pre and post Lasik treatment and care.


In the Manhattan Lasik center, the doctors and their staff feels proud of their services and about the fact that their patients go happily as well as praise them for their excellent services. Before making any decision regarding your eye treatment, go through the site as you never know what can bring brightness in your world.

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Manhattan Lasik center, the best world wide

At Manhattan Lasik center believe in serving all of their patients with visual variance and also to formulate the correct decision, this is what every patient who enters to the Manhattan Lasik center feels. They perform each and every possible task that is needed to make their patients comfortable and happy with them. They are guided regarding each and every aspect of the surgery, like how is it done, how much risk is involved and what are its benefits. Get more knowledge about Manhattan Lasik center before making your final decision, regarding laser eye surgery.


They don’t rush for operating the patient’s eyes. Prior to the surgery every patient goes through an end to end precise screening procedure where every aspect of their general health and eyes is minutely studied. They perform a thorough list of stringent tests to determine if the patient is healthy enough for under going the Lasik process and how much advantage he can build up through this procedure.

Although the drugs and the prescriptions given before the procedure are similar for everybody, the similarity ends there. Every individual has unique and different corneal structure of his eyes. Thus for obtaining the best outcome, it is vital to treat each eye and its cornea as an exclusive entity. The amalgamation of the wave front principles into every Lasik procedure and adjusting the treatment to the unique eye shape of the patient helps to give beyond 20/20 vision to the patients.

The patient goes through a set of tests when ever any new patients steps into Manhattan Lasik Center and also goes through consultations which may take around two hours. Patient is under no obligation to have the Lasik surgery. The gracious counselor of patients will collect the required information. This procedure is followed by the patient’s eye measurement by a qualified and competent Optometrist. The patients are also encouraged to ask questions and clear their fears and doubts if any.

The test chain that includes assessment, examination and measurement will assist the surgeon in calculating the quantity of ablation needed to correct the visual variance. The precise vision correction process is carried out on the basis of the unique condition of the patient and the state of health of the patient. The patient is warned about the outcomes of the test and the kind of process to be carried out for the correction of his or her visual anomalies.

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20/ 20 vision through Lasik, Manhattan Lasik eye care center

Here they customize all the patients and take proper care of them as different individuals. This is necessary as every single individual has unique structured cornea. The newest diagnostic methods make it possible to adjust precisely the amount of ablation essential for rectifying the visual variance of the cornea. New advancements in Lasik treatment has made it feasible to judge the unique biomechanics and curvature of the eye, sustaining the quality of the vision and making amendments for the spherical distortion that can induce the person’s night vision and glare reduction. The innovations made in the Lasik surgery field has made it probable to give a smooth surface to the cornea, by literally sculpting it to give out a perfect vision. They use the latest lasers that incorporate the newest advancements made in technology.

They are loyal at maintaining the utmost standards with the aid of the newest technology. The staff is highly competent and dedicated; they keep a look into the minute details connected with the Lasik procedure which includes the maintenance and the calibration of the equipments. They even scan the retina with few of the latest computer assisted scanners and the exact mapping of every eye is affected. Drops are also given to the patient’s eye as they are administered for widening up the pupils so that the back of the eyes can be easily examined. After that the professionals of Lasik eye care explains to the patients the outcome of the thorough range of the tests. The patients are also made aware of the realistic belief of getting a 20/ 20 or still better vision after going through the Lasik eye correction procedure.

A huge number of sportsmen are also going for Lasik treatment for correcting their visual anomalies and also to get rid of their cumbersome contact lenses or eye glasses. They have the distinguished opportunity of treating a huge amount of athletes for their visual anomalies with the Lasik procedure.

This is the time now for taking the first step towards the natural and unhindered vision. For seeking some of the important information or just to talk to one of the dedicated patient education counselors, you can contact the Manhattan Lasik eye care center today and get appropriate information and also find out if you can get better than 20/ 20 vision.

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What is an Excimer Laser?

Lasik surgery is one of the most innovative and dramatic development in recent years. The Lasik surgeon essentially uses a special kind of laser known as Excimer laser to reshape the cornea to correct any form of visual anomaly. What exactly is the job of the Excimer laser and how is it used to ablate corneal tissues to restructure the eyes?  The Excimer laser is an ultraviolet laser which vaporizes the corneal tissues without much release of heat.

The excimer laser can be controlled and operated in a very precise manner and each pulse can be programmed to vaporize exact amount of tissues which are measured to the level of microns. Precise calculations are made so that the doctors know exactly how much corneal tissues have to be ablated in a particular Lasik procedure.

Every patient who goes for a Lasik procedure is unique in the sense that no cornea is akin to one another. So every Lasik procedure is unique and we at Manhattan Lasik Center are well versed in carrying out the process in a very professional manner. The computer operated software allows the Lasik surgeon to calculate exactly how much tissues have to be ablated to the accuracy of 1 micron. Calculations are made about the number of pulses required and so also the pattern to correct a   specific refractive error, by reshaping, or restructuring, the cornea.

We at Manhattan Lasik Center use the latest Laser which makes it possible to give human sight beyond 20/20 vision. At Manhattan Lasik Center, we treat every patient as a unique case and this gives us confidence to give outstanding results. Lasik process is quick and hardly takes a few seconds to be completed. There is no need for deep anesthesia and only a few drops of topical anesthetic in the form of eye drops. Faultless accuracy is maintained and the special tracking system follows the eye movements to achieve this. There is no need to worry about blinking or any other involuntary movements since the laser scans the eyes hundreds of times in a second.

We at Manhattan Lasik Center educate our patients so that he has a clear understanding of the refractive errors and how it will be removed within the limits of possibilities. Lasik process has become one of the most popular forms of vision correction surgery. The benefits of Lasik Surgery can be best understood by a person who is experiencing the bother of wearing glasses or contact lens. The eyes are our most precious possessions and we use it in almost every action we do and this includes watching television, driving or playing sports.   So it is imperative that we consider all the pros and cons of Lasik surgery since it involves our eyes. Lasik surgery can seem daunting in the beginning but once you get educated about exactly how it is done all the fears dissolve.

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6 Do Not’s After Lasik Surgery by Dr. Niksarli

Lasik procedure is a new development and is getting more and more popular. Lasik is a very convenient procedure to reshape the eye’s Cornea with a laser and enable the patient to get rid of his eye glasses or contact lenses. Lasik treatment is relatively painless and bladeless Lasik form of surgery which enables the patient to return to his normal activities in the shortest possible time. However there are a few precautions which will enable the quick healing of the ablated tissues and prevent any form of complications post Lasik vision correction.

Stare at intense Lights

Persons who have undergone Lasik eye surgery are advised to avoid staring at bright light. Persons are also given a set of dark sunglasses which will filter the intense light and bring it to a gentle level. The goggles must be worn while going to sleep since it will not only protect the eyes from bright light but also from being rubbed or scratched. The lights at home must be dimmed for a few days before the eye heals.


Persons who have undergone Lasik procedure at any Lasik vision center must also not drive and will be dependent on other people during the healing process which is not more than two weeks. Driving at nights is discouraged due to the visibility issues that can occur. When going outside, sunglasses should be worn at all times, including in the car.

Using Cosmetics

The eyes must not come in contact with any cosmetics of any type or degree for at least two weeks to enable proper healing of the ablated tissues after the Lasik procedure at any Lasik center. Cosmetics contain ingredients which can irritate the freshly ablated surface of the cornea or worse could cause infections also. Applying false eyelashes or touching of the surface of the eye with finger tips is also not recommended. Touching the surface of the eyes with finger tips can dislocate the flap which has been created during the Lasik Process.

Exercise and Workouts

Often it is assumed that exercising will not affect the eyes after surgery. Nothing is far from truth. It is forbidden to engage in strenuous workouts which can hinder the healing process of the ablated tissues after the Lasik process. Mild exercises could be resorted after a month. It is recommended that the eyes are given complete rest for three days which means minimal watching Television, computer screens or travelling. The best thing is to get as much sleep as possible since the more you sleep, the faster will be the healing process.

Drink Alcohol or Smoking

Like any other surgery process, alcohol and smoking is contraindicated during the healing period post the Lasik procedure. Often mild sedatives are given after the Lasik procedure to alleviate discomfort and encourage sleep. These drugs can interact with alcohol and cause unwanted side effects.

Taking Showers

Patients should avoid taking bath under showers since the water can get into the eyes and cause infections. It is recommended that the hair should not be washed for at least one week after the Lasik procedure. Goggles must be worn while bathing to protect the eyes from water.  Use a damp cloth to wipe the face. Use of soaps and face wash is forbidden for at least one week

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How Dr. Kevin Niksarli is Making Lasik Surgery Highly Successful?

LASIK Surgery is a comparatively new procedure and still requires an expert hand to be successfully completed. Dr. Kevin Niksarli is a well-known name in LASIK Surgery and has perfected the process with diligence which is unheard of in modern times.

LASIK Surgery is a type of corrective surgery, which uses Laser to restructure the Cornea to correct Sight Anomalies. Dr. Kevin Niksarli is a well-known name in LASIK Surgery and has successfully completed thousands of LASIK procedures with distinction. He was also one of the first pioneers of the procedure and also one of the earliest to perform LASIK Correction surgery for both hyperopia and astigmatism. Dr Kevin Niksarali is also one of the thirteen primary investigators in the breakthrough FDA clinical trial that led to the approval of LASIK surgery in the United States.

Dr. Kevin Niksarli has performed thousands of correction surgery and is also one of the finest experts in Lasik surgery in his state. Dr. Kevin Niksarli is much sought out by upcoming eye surgeons who try to make use of the vast experience, which he has accumulated during the course of his career where he has performed thousands of eye surgeries. Dr. Kevin Niksarli brings together up to date laser equipment, all-inclusive surgical skill and knowledge, and a pledge to provide best possible vision results for each patient.

If you would like to learn more about eliminating your dependence on glasses, bifocals, or contact lenses, contact Dr. Kevin Niksarli to schedule a consultation.

Dr. Kevin Niksarli is the medical director and chief surgeon of the Manhattan Lasik Centre. He is very assiduous in personally handpicking and training each member of his team to provide the utmost quality care. Dr. Kevin Niksarli uses the state of the art equipment to complete the LASIK procedures.

As you are aware, every eye has a unique curvature, which is often like the fingerprint. This fingerprint has to be measured to the utmost accuracy before a customized laser beam is used to correct each eye individually. Dr. Kevin Niksarli is well adept in laser vision correction of nearsightedness as well as for presbyopia.

Manhattan Lasik Centre is one of the premium vision care clinics in the United States and one of the few to offer the Bladeless LASIK procedure. With the Bladeless LASIK procedure, LASIK is now safer, more accurate than ever. Advantages include a faster healing period and quicker visual recovery as compared to conventional LASIK methods.

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Take special care of eye with Dr. Kevin Niksarli

When it comes to taking care of the eyes, we have to be extra cautious. Since childhood the mothers take care of the eyes of their kids so that the eye sight remains prominent throughout their lives. Unfortunately there are few cases which lead to eye damage and the victims lose their vision completely or partially. To get their vision back, patients have to take help of surgeries like LASIK & LASEK. Although these surgeries guarantee a person to get back his normal vision the surgeon never guarantees this. We know what it means- the surgeries have to be undergone an experienced veteran in the same field to reap maximum benefits.

Dr. Kevin Niksarli, a LASIK veteran from NY states that, “no one can take a better care of your eyes other than yourself”. He says this to every patient who visits him for LASIK. He has an experience of more than 70,000 laser surgeries on eyes and each day his practice is growing in this field. He aims that all those who are having blur vision should take the advantage of his services and get a crystal clear vision. Not only his experience but his quality medical care, compassion and comfortable environment in which he treats his patients makes him unparalleled surgeon of the tri-state. This treatment is just like a mother provides to her child since birth till adolescence.

Dr. Niksarli has not just the most experienced hands in his profession but also an experience of more than 15 years. This is just one out of numerous reasons that patients from all over the world are attracted to come to him for LASIK surgery. They travel great distances and undergo the surgery with his skilled hands. If anyone wishes to correct his vision he can visit Dr. Niksali’s Long Island, Paramus or Edison surgical centers.

His name has been stated as the most experienced eye surgeon of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He has been trained as camaraderie in Refractive surgery and Cornea. He is recognized as the most respectful LASIK surgeons across the nation. His practice majorly includes LASIK and Laser eye correction surgeries. Beside all this he is the founder and the director of Manhattan LASIK center. . The center is a team of skilled eye surgeons with years of experience and head on the top one of the most significant surgical center of the country.

Now it’s time to take advantage of Dr. Niksarli’s services and give your eyes that special care of childhood.

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Get the best LASIK treatment from Dr. Kevin Niksarli

Eyes are the most delicate sense organ of our body and any sort of negligence can prove to be dangerous for the vision. However if there’s any sort of problem in the eyes or it has to be given any surgical treatment then an expert is required; and getting it done with someone who is amateur means playing with the vision. Just like a mother takes care of her child’s vision and eyes, a good eye doctor does the same.

Dr. Niksarli from NY is one such ophthalmologist who is serving the people with eye problems through LASIK and LASEK surgeries. He always states to his patient that no one takes a better care of the eyes than the person himself. When any sort of eye correction operation has to be done in NJ, Dr. Niksarli is highly recommended.

There are many reasons which make him outstanding from the rest doctors and surgeons. His qualification is amazingly different. He is medical professional and also a computer science engineer. He is working as a LASIK veteran since last 15 years and has an experience of more than 70,000 surgeries in his medical profession. He is the founder and the director of the Manhattan LASIK center- one of the popular eye care center of the US.

Dr. Niksarli has performed most of the eye surgeries in his Manhattan center, but he also has practice centers in Long Island, Paramus and Edison. People from the entire world suffering from eye problems visit his eye care centers for vision correction surgeries. Even if Dr. Niksarli is not available for the surgery, all the surgeries take place under his guidance. His staff and colleagues always discuss with him the entire case and then only initiate the surgery.

Dr. Kevin Niksarli, the LASIK veteran has performed more than 70 thousand surgeries and this number is growing each day. He has aim that no one in the tri-states should have any sort of eye problem. The patients who took his services around country and most parts of the world are referring him to their friends and family. Another important reason people are referring him is the soft treatment he provides to his patients. The environment in which they are provided by Dr. Niksarli is just like he would want for his family and friends. He provides treatment with utmost care compassion and in a very comfortable zone.

Next time if there is a need of LASIK surgery, don’t forget to consult Dr. Niksarli in Manhattan.

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