Get the best LASIK treatment from Dr. Kevin Niksarli

Eyes are the most delicate sense organ of our body and any sort of negligence can prove to be dangerous for the vision. However if there’s any sort of problem in the eyes or it has to be given any surgical treatment then an expert is required; and getting it done with someone who is amateur means playing with the vision. Just like a mother takes care of her child’s vision and eyes, a good eye doctor does the same.

Dr. Niksarli from NY is one such ophthalmologist who is serving the people with eye problems through LASIK and LASEK surgeries. He always states to his patient that no one takes a better care of the eyes than the person himself. When any sort of eye correction operation has to be done in NJ, Dr. Niksarli is highly recommended.

There are many reasons which make him outstanding from the rest doctors and surgeons. His qualification is amazingly different. He is medical professional and also a computer science engineer. He is working as a LASIK veteran since last 15 years and has an experience of more than 70,000 surgeries in his medical profession. He is the founder and the director of the Manhattan LASIK center- one of the popular eye care center of the US.

Dr. Niksarli has performed most of the eye surgeries in his Manhattan center, but he also has practice centers in Long Island, Paramus and Edison. People from the entire world suffering from eye problems visit his eye care centers for vision correction surgeries. Even if Dr. Niksarli is not available for the surgery, all the surgeries take place under his guidance. His staff and colleagues always discuss with him the entire case and then only initiate the surgery.

Dr. Kevin Niksarli, the LASIK veteran has performed more than 70 thousand surgeries and this number is growing each day. He has aim that no one in the tri-states should have any sort of eye problem. The patients who took his services around country and most parts of the world are referring him to their friends and family. Another important reason people are referring him is the soft treatment he provides to his patients. The environment in which they are provided by Dr. Niksarli is just like he would want for his family and friends. He provides treatment with utmost care compassion and in a very comfortable zone.

Next time if there is a need of LASIK surgery, don’t forget to consult Dr. Niksarli in Manhattan.

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