Lasik eye care center Manhattan, the center of excellence

Manhattan Lasik center is known to be the state of art laser vision correction center’s headquartered at 110 east 55th street (between Lexington and Park Avenue), at the heart of Manhattan. The center has the experience of thousands of successful procedures of Lasik. Over the last 15 years, the center has attained the status of a “center of excellence for Lasik.”


The MD (medical director) Dr. Niksarli’s skill in Lasik and his extensive experience, careful attention to particulars, laser equipments and modern technologies, cautious screening of patients, humid and temperature control laser rooms helps in generating outstanding results of Lasik over the past decade and a half.


For those who are astigmatic, farsighted and nearsighted, is performed with the finest and most advanced surgical lasers and equipments. This also includes modern technology that keeps the eye ball completely still and the eyelids wide open during the laser procedure, thus increasing its precision and accuracy.


In the Lasik eye care center Manhattan, the surgeons personally examine the patients on the same day of consultation, discussing with them regarding the expectations of patients following the Lasik process and very importantly, determining whether they are the ideal candidates for the process or not. The surgeons perform each and every procedure personally and also guide the staff for further care that is necessary for the patient. The staff is fully trained regarding their work, and therefore they provide great care to their patients and comprehensive eye evaluation.


New York Lasik eye care center is said to be one of the best centers for laser operations or Lasik treatments. And also has a highly skilled and knowledgeable staff. They work according to their patients problems and work towards their well being.


Affordable prices:


The price of the ultimate skills and experience is matchless. Their ultimate aim is to make the Lasik procedure affordable for everyone and help out every patient whether rich or poor, enjoy their life with crystal clear vision. An experienced doctor’s team performs all pre and post Lasik treatment and care.


In the Manhattan Lasik center, the doctors and their staff feels proud of their services and about the fact that their patients go happily as well as praise them for their excellent services. Before making any decision regarding your eye treatment, go through the site as you never know what can bring brightness in your world.

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