6 Do Not’s After Lasik Surgery by Dr. Niksarli

Lasik procedure is a new development and is getting more and more popular. Lasik is a very convenient procedure to reshape the eye’s Cornea with a laser and enable the patient to get rid of his eye glasses or contact lenses. Lasik treatment is relatively painless and bladeless Lasik form of surgery which enables the patient to return to his normal activities in the shortest possible time. However there are a few precautions which will enable the quick healing of the ablated tissues and prevent any form of complications post Lasik vision correction.

Stare at intense Lights

Persons who have undergone Lasik eye surgery are advised to avoid staring at bright light. Persons are also given a set of dark sunglasses which will filter the intense light and bring it to a gentle level. The goggles must be worn while going to sleep since it will not only protect the eyes from bright light but also from being rubbed or scratched. The lights at home must be dimmed for a few days before the eye heals.


Persons who have undergone Lasik procedure at any Lasik vision center must also not drive and will be dependent on other people during the healing process which is not more than two weeks. Driving at nights is discouraged due to the visibility issues that can occur. When going outside, sunglasses should be worn at all times, including in the car.

Using Cosmetics

The eyes must not come in contact with any cosmetics of any type or degree for at least two weeks to enable proper healing of the ablated tissues after the Lasik procedure at any Lasik center. Cosmetics contain ingredients which can irritate the freshly ablated surface of the cornea or worse could cause infections also. Applying false eyelashes or touching of the surface of the eye with finger tips is also not recommended. Touching the surface of the eyes with finger tips can dislocate the flap which has been created during the Lasik Process.

Exercise and Workouts

Often it is assumed that exercising will not affect the eyes after surgery. Nothing is far from truth. It is forbidden to engage in strenuous workouts which can hinder the healing process of the ablated tissues after the Lasik process. Mild exercises could be resorted after a month. It is recommended that the eyes are given complete rest for three days which means minimal watching Television, computer screens or travelling. The best thing is to get as much sleep as possible since the more you sleep, the faster will be the healing process.

Drink Alcohol or Smoking

Like any other surgery process, alcohol and smoking is contraindicated during the healing period post the Lasik procedure. Often mild sedatives are given after the Lasik procedure to alleviate discomfort and encourage sleep. These drugs can interact with alcohol and cause unwanted side effects.

Taking Showers

Patients should avoid taking bath under showers since the water can get into the eyes and cause infections. It is recommended that the hair should not be washed for at least one week after the Lasik procedure. Goggles must be worn while bathing to protect the eyes from water.  Use a damp cloth to wipe the face. Use of soaps and face wash is forbidden for at least one week

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