How Dr. Kevin Niksarli is Making Lasik Surgery Highly Successful?

LASIK Surgery is a comparatively new procedure and still requires an expert hand to be successfully completed. Dr. Kevin Niksarli is a well-known name in LASIK Surgery and has perfected the process with diligence which is unheard of in modern times.

LASIK Surgery is a type of corrective surgery, which uses Laser to restructure the Cornea to correct Sight Anomalies. Dr. Kevin Niksarli is a well-known name in LASIK Surgery and has successfully completed thousands of LASIK procedures with distinction. He was also one of the first pioneers of the procedure and also one of the earliest to perform LASIK Correction surgery for both hyperopia and astigmatism. Dr Kevin Niksarali is also one of the thirteen primary investigators in the breakthrough FDA clinical trial that led to the approval of LASIK surgery in the United States.

Dr. Kevin Niksarli has performed thousands of correction surgery and is also one of the finest experts in Lasik surgery in his state. Dr. Kevin Niksarli is much sought out by upcoming eye surgeons who try to make use of the vast experience, which he has accumulated during the course of his career where he has performed thousands of eye surgeries. Dr. Kevin Niksarli brings together up to date laser equipment, all-inclusive surgical skill and knowledge, and a pledge to provide best possible vision results for each patient.

If you would like to learn more about eliminating your dependence on glasses, bifocals, or contact lenses, contact Dr. Kevin Niksarli to schedule a consultation.

Dr. Kevin Niksarli is the medical director and chief surgeon of the Manhattan Lasik Centre. He is very assiduous in personally handpicking and training each member of his team to provide the utmost quality care. Dr. Kevin Niksarli uses the state of the art equipment to complete the LASIK procedures.

As you are aware, every eye has a unique curvature, which is often like the fingerprint. This fingerprint has to be measured to the utmost accuracy before a customized laser beam is used to correct each eye individually. Dr. Kevin Niksarli is well adept in laser vision correction of nearsightedness as well as for presbyopia.

Manhattan Lasik Centre is one of the premium vision care clinics in the United States and one of the few to offer the Bladeless LASIK procedure. With the Bladeless LASIK procedure, LASIK is now safer, more accurate than ever. Advantages include a faster healing period and quicker visual recovery as compared to conventional LASIK methods.

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