What is an Excimer Laser?

Lasik surgery is one of the most innovative and dramatic development in recent years. The Lasik surgeon essentially uses a special kind of laser known as Excimer laser to reshape the cornea to correct any form of visual anomaly. What exactly is the job of the Excimer laser and how is it used to ablate corneal tissues to restructure the eyes?  The Excimer laser is an ultraviolet laser which vaporizes the corneal tissues without much release of heat.

The excimer laser can be controlled and operated in a very precise manner and each pulse can be programmed to vaporize exact amount of tissues which are measured to the level of microns. Precise calculations are made so that the doctors know exactly how much corneal tissues have to be ablated in a particular Lasik procedure.

Every patient who goes for a Lasik procedure is unique in the sense that no cornea is akin to one another. So every Lasik procedure is unique and we at Manhattan Lasik Center are well versed in carrying out the process in a very professional manner. The computer operated software allows the Lasik surgeon to calculate exactly how much tissues have to be ablated to the accuracy of 1 micron. Calculations are made about the number of pulses required and so also the pattern to correct a   specific refractive error, by reshaping, or restructuring, the cornea.

We at Manhattan Lasik Center use the latest Laser which makes it possible to give human sight beyond 20/20 vision. At Manhattan Lasik Center, we treat every patient as a unique case and this gives us confidence to give outstanding results. Lasik process is quick and hardly takes a few seconds to be completed. There is no need for deep anesthesia and only a few drops of topical anesthetic in the form of eye drops. Faultless accuracy is maintained and the special tracking system follows the eye movements to achieve this. There is no need to worry about blinking or any other involuntary movements since the laser scans the eyes hundreds of times in a second.

We at Manhattan Lasik Center educate our patients so that he has a clear understanding of the refractive errors and how it will be removed within the limits of possibilities. Lasik process has become one of the most popular forms of vision correction surgery. The benefits of Lasik Surgery can be best understood by a person who is experiencing the bother of wearing glasses or contact lens. The eyes are our most precious possessions and we use it in almost every action we do and this includes watching television, driving or playing sports.   So it is imperative that we consider all the pros and cons of Lasik surgery since it involves our eyes. Lasik surgery can seem daunting in the beginning but once you get educated about exactly how it is done all the fears dissolve.

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