Get crystal clear vision with Dr. Kevin Niksarli

Eyes being the most subtle and vulnerable part of our body should not be ignored at any cost. If you are going for a LASIK correction process, you need to be extra cautious. You need a surgeon with unusually advanced skills. When it comes to the veterans of LASIK, Dr. Niksarli is a widely trusted name that comes across. Located in Manhattan Dr Niksarli is the medical dean of the Manhattan LASIK center which is he founded around 15 years ago. His institute is amongst the leading optical care centers around the world specialized in LASIK, LASEK and all forms of high tech eye correction treatments.

Dr.Niksarli took his impressive education the esteemed Columbia University while his undergraduate studies and then he took his medical degree from Cornell University Medical School. As soon as he finished his internship in ophthalmology he was invited to the eye surgery residency campaign at Lenox Hill Hospital where he got appointed as Chief resident during his skills.

Dr. Niksarli has been one of the renowned names in the high tech LASEK and LASIK vision correction. His enormous knowledge is a result of continuous exploration which he has done since last 15 years. He has a medical, engineering and computer science academic background. All this have made him a veteran in the field of eye care techniques and surgeries involving LASER. Moreover his innovative activities include participation in researches, attending and providing training and lectures of other surgeons. In case of any unusual or complicated surgery, his colleagues take expert opinion from him.

He believes that knowledge is everywhere and it is up to us that how much we can grab it. He has an experience of more than 70,000 LASIK sight correction methods which makes him not only the most skilled professional but also a reputed name amongst the top American Ophthalmologists. He is also the award winner of rare VISX Star which is a great honor in itself and has been received less than 5% LASIK professionals across the US. Apart from all these honoring skills he is extremely committed for patient care which makes him world renowned surgeon.

This is not just all about him, there is much more to say about his talent and achievements but his commitment towards hi patient makes him outstanding amongst the others. This is the reason he is highly recommended for any LASIK surgery. Once you go here you will come with a crystal clear vision.

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